Snapchat Crowd Surf joins users gig footage together

Lorde snapchat crowd surfSnapchat is trialling a new concert-related feature that stitches together individual video clips from different users to create one seamless video.

When Snapchat announced Snap Map, it had a mixed reception. This was mainly due to potential stalking and putting kids at risk.

This new development, however, sounds much safer and fun. Although, I am sure it will annoy some bands.

Dubbed Crowd Surf, the feature uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to work out when multiple users are actively recording the same event.

Crowd Surf

Crowd Surf is able to match clips from various users filming at different angles in close proximity. The app then overlays the audio from the show.

The result is essentially a multi-camera video clip.

Users who later watch the video can then tap a button in the lower right of the clip to switch between angles. Alternatively, just simply sit back and let the transitions take place automagically as the action unfolds.

[youtube id=”xQkapLhuGV0″]

The feature made its debut on the platform during a Lorde concert in San Francisco on Monday.

Snapchat says the new feature is still being tested.

Expect it to be rolled out to coincide with more high profile concerts and public speeches going forward.