Smoking Can Seriously Void Your Apple Warranty – Smokist! (excuse for Dita von Teese Pic)

Dita SmokingDo you smoke and surf?

Better rethink that my gadgety friends as Apple has voided warranties and refused to carry out repairs on computers exposed to cigarette smoke.


Reports on US consumer issues site, The Consumerist, claim Apple voided a Macbook warranty because it was “contaminated” by cigarette smoke.

The case follows a similar report of Apple refusing to service an iMac due to “health risks of secondhand smoke”.

In both cases, it’s claimed that Apple first agreed to repair the Macbook before informing the owner that work was impossible because smoke residue had contaminated the system.

One woman, complaining about Apple’s refusal to repair her iMac, said: “My Applecare warranty says nothing about not honouring warranties if the owner is a smoker.”

Apple’s terms and conditions indicate that Applecare doesn’t cover “damage caused by extreme environment” – apparently that means a few Luckies smoked near-by.

Have you been turned down by Apple because of cigarette smoke?

Let me know.

I could’ve posted a pic of a smoke-damaged puter but hey – it’s Monday, Dita is lovely and she’s holding a cigarette!

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