Smirnoff iPod/iPhone Compatible Bottle Jacket

smirnoff-ipodNow – you all know how I enjoy a splash or 3 of Vodka and I also love music.

Well my boozey friends – those makers of lovely potato-based alcohol, Smirnoff, are targeting music fans this Christmas with an insulating bottle jacket that has the added benefit of being fitted with a speaker and 3.5mm input for an iPod/iPhone or anyother kinda MP3 player tuneage.

A rep from Smirnoff said that the final version is likely to have Sony parts, but the model that T3 grooved on down to apparently sounded pretty good with its no-brand speaker (how much they had to drink before hand has not been revealed).

The jacket is designed to fit a 700ml bottle, the “Smirnoff bottle jacket will keep bottles cool, plus the users happy with music playback via the 3.5mm jack”.

The gimmicky-yet-cool Smirnoff JACK-et (that’s my idea by-the-way) will be available exclusively from Selfridges from this October, the Smirnoff speaker jacket will retail for £34.99.

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