Smiling Nissan Cube Should Appear in Cars 2 – Expressive

Most if us will have named our car at one point and even given it a gender – perhaps even shed a tear when the time came to part with it.

Well, the car industry, more specifically Nissan, has decided that your car should show its emotions.

The Smiling Vehicle was jointly developed by the Hara Design Institute Nippon Design Center and the automaker. To be honest I don’t care about any of the other details because just look at how cute this Nissan Cube is!

The concept Cube is covered with ROICA, a “polyurethane elastomer fiber” produced by Asahi Kasei.

ROICA is very flexible and can deform by up to 900% and is normally found as shoes, clothes or car interiors.

Just a few animatronic motors and bosh – you have a car with facial expressions.

Nissan sees this technology as an extension of the driver’s character, meaning it can be used to express your current feeling when you sit in the car (and that’s a good thing?).

This involves being able to share your feelings with other drivers, thereby “communicating” with other people while on the go.

Hmmmmm………. not sure about that – I can only imagine a bunch of cuddlesome cars mouthing expletives at each other.

So, smiling cars is next on the list -I’m guessing that zero emission transport has been sorted then 😉

Check out the vid and fall in love with the Smiling Cube – Awwwwwwwwwwww!

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