Skytone Android Netbook For Under £70 – Inspired by Ice Cream

skytone-androidIf you’re on the look out for a cheap lappy just to keep handy.

You know, when you don’t need your main laptop or desktop you might want to check out this little thing I found on Tom’s Hardware – it may be right up your ally.

This Chinese-born Alpha-680 Android packing device from Skytone has the tiny rumoured price of $100 (under 70 quid!) and seems less netbook and more UMD.

It has 800×480 screen, 533MHz ARM processor, and default 128MB of RAM, full keyboard and trackpad but brings the funk thanks to that swiveling capacitative touchscreen.

It’s got 1GB or 4GB of built-in storage and an SD slot, and appears to be 3G-ready so I’m guessing there’s a SIM in there someplace.

The ice-cream inspired colours aren’t thrilling me – banana, strawberry, and cherry but for well under 100 notes if all is as it appears to be – mark me down for some cherry flavoured Android action!!