Skyfire App Brings Flash to iPhone – No More Blue Lego

This has been something that all of us thought would just run-and-run. Apple and Adobe pulling faces at each other across the school playground over the use of Flash on the iPhone and iPad.

iPhone users will soon be able to ignore this application in-fighting when the Skyfire mobile browser drops into the app store.

Skyfire was sent into Jobs & co in August and has apparently been approved by Apple.

The app will bring some Flash love to iOS running devices as Skyfire is a web browser built on top of Safari converts the Flash content to H.264 a HTML5 compatible codec. This means that it isn’t actually playing Flash but side-steps the Flash incompatibility and presents the converted videos in a pop up window.

The question is – How badly do you want to play Flash and how much are you willing to pay for this app?

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