Sky TV Streaming App Heading to Android in a Few Weeks – Sky Go

As an iPhone owner I’m kinda used to the big guns designing apps for the Apple phone but Android is getting the love too recently. The latest app hug comes from Sky in the shape of Sky Go.

The Sky Go app is due to land on Android devices before the end of the year after months of promises.

The current Sky Go app is free for Sky customers and squirts a variety of the broadcasters programming straight to your iThingy – So far Android owners have only been able to jealously sneak a peek of these delights over the shoulders of the Apple faithful.

Soon though – Google OS users will also be able to enjoy catching up with their telly viewing wherever they are!

Sky Go has been a huge success on iOS devices – aggregating all the on demand content available to each Sky customer and then letting them stream it through the app. Apparently Sky already has 1.6 million people using the app.

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