Sky Neon Sign phone – Emotion LED

Sky LED PhoneSky’s ‘Neon Sign’ (or IM-U300K if you want to get formal) has come into the spotlight in Korea.

The Neon’s name comes from the fact that sports 49 LEDs on the front panel.

Users can take their pick from 46 given icons as well as have animated effects on them.

Supporting T-DMB, HSDPA, WCDMA global roaming and video telephony the Neon Sign phone also packs a 2M camera, mp3 player, electronic dictionary, text viewer and “multitasking functionality”.

Sky LED Phone Open

It comes in four different colors: white, sky blue, pink and black.

Pricing is around 400,000(KRW) and 500,000(KRW).

More pics and full piece at Aving