Sky 3D Launches in October – 3D Christmas Movies

If you’ve got yourself a 3D TV but are looking for more variety in your viewing – you’re in luck!

Sky is set to become the first company in Europe to pipe lovely TV into our living rooms in all three gorgeous dimensions as of Friday 1 October.

Sky 3D will kick off with more of a sport bias along with a smattering of the latest movies – so, now you wont have to nip down the local to get your 3D sports fix 😉

This will start by showing live coverage of the Ryder Cup golf broken up with the first 3D TV showings of Bolt and Monsters vs Aliens.

Between its launch and Christmas Sky plans to expand the number of films it shows partnered with grabbing as many of the largest sporting, arts and entertainment events it can – so expect a load of Premier League football matches. There’s been tell of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince getting a 3D airing for those of you that don’t know your Arsenal from your Everton.

The best news is that if you already have Sky+HD you’ll get the 3D service and it will work with both passive and active technology. You’ll need a suitable 3D ready tele box and the specs though.

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