Sky 3D Channel Coming Next Year

sky_3dWell, as most of us rushed to get on the HD tele bandwagon and bragged about the definition to our less kitted out buddies – praps they’re gonna be the ones that have the last laugh as HD is going to appear old hat next year.

3D is where all the cool kids are going to be hanging out.

If you’re a Sky HD customer and in the market for a new screen, you might be better off waiting for TV’s to appear bearing the upcoming ‘3D Ready’ slogan as Sky has thrown its hat into the 3D ring and announced that as of 2010 it’ll be airing 3D TV to anyone with a SKY HD box and a compatible TV.

The channel is set to be the first in the UK to offer 3D, and programming will cover plenty many different genres.

Over the past year, Sky’s doubled its HD subscribers; a reported 90 customers an hour are joining up to the 33 channel HD service, and with news that the standard HD box will be able to handle 3D content from the off, it certainly sounds like good deal as well as not becoming obsolete in the next few years.

“3D is a genuinely ‘seeing is believing’ experience,” says Sky customer group MD Brian Sullivan. “Making TV come to life as never before. Just like the launch of digital, Sky+ and HD, this is latest step in our commitment to innovating for customers.”

I can’t wait to see Harry Hill’s TV Burp in 3D – Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!

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