Skully P1 bike helmet features Android and heads up display

skully p1 android helmet hudFancy having a modern-day version of Street Hawk? Well, this isn’t quite that but the new Skully P1 helmet will give you enough tech in your skid lid to embarrass the average car owner.

This innovative brain bucket has just been unveiled by Skully Helmets and is equipped with a heads up display together with the rearview monitor amongst other things.

The Skully P1 is powered by a custom version of Google’s Android operating system which also provides the user with a voice controlled augmented reality. This means that you’re able to query information just as you would with Google Now or Siri with the answers being either displayed on the heads up display or via speech depending on your preferences.

Features that can be accessed using the Skully P1 helmet’s voice recognition software include being able to ask for directions, map locations, music control and getting a weather forecast.

The helmet-based assistant can also notify riders of incoming phone calls and messages. However it hasn’t been mentioned in the press release whether the next-generation helmet will allow users to accept phone calls whilst driving or be able to dictate text messages.

Skully Helmets is currently accepting applications for beta testers, after which it hopes to launch the new Skully P1 helmet sometime next year.

Unfortunately there’s no word of a price bracket for the high tech helmet, but if you fancy testing the Skully P1 go over and check out the website for details.
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