Skinny KDL-40ZX1 TV from Sony

There’s been plenty of chat about thin tele’s and most make me feel uninspired to write even the briefest of remarks on this site.

But at least this one has made me sit up and put pen-to-paper….well, finger to keyboard at any rate.

This new gogglebox from Sony is (at the moment) the thinnest LCD HDTV.

Measuring at a size 0 model-like 9.9mm thick the KDL-40ZX1 nearly halves the depth of Hitachi’s former champ (likely to be hitting the lemon-juice and two-fingers down the throat diet) and comes within a fag-papers width of Pioneer’s Kuro concept (9mm).

Into this remarkable frame it squeezes such nice things as LED backlighting, a 3,000:1 contrast ratio, 120Hz MotionFlow tech, x.v.Color and BRAVIA Engine 2 image processing (this is pretty much like having the actors perform in your living room behind a 40-inch picture frame).

Only one HDMI in is directly on the screen itself.

All of the other HDMI, USB, etc component inputs are relegated to a base station.

All this skinny lovliness can be yours for a found-underneath-your-sofa 490,000 yen ($4,474) and will be at your local Japanese (if you live in Japan) tv vendor on November 10th.

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