Sinister PC gaming controller – bonkers project

sinister controllerGaming controllers, to me, seem to be getting more and more involved. Just take a look at this totally bonkers Sinister PC game controller coming from Canada.

The Sinister game controller is looking for backers through their Kickstarter page.

Granted, their concept model does have more than a touch of the ‘home-build’ about it – are those hand-painted buttons I can see?

I have to give it to them though, making the controller modular with their Flux Elements as well as being able to re-size the thing to match the size and shape of your hand are good ideas.

They’re after just $100,000 to bring the project to life which will allow them to create prototypes to send out to backers. This will be a sort of beta program, and based on feedback from that, they’ll refine and tweak for the full commercial build. But, as with all Kickstarter projects, it could also be that things go quiet post-beta – thems your options.

While there’s an array of lower-level pledge rates for those wanting to chip in to the development when you hit the $85 mark, that’s when it gets interesting.

Miss the early bird deals and it’ll be $120. They’ve only just launched, and already there’s a good amount of interest.

Will you be helping them reach its goal? Do you think that $100,000 is enough to produce the prototype?

Let me know.

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