SimCity on iPhone – I WILL Be “Busy”

This is dangerous news for me.

I have been known to waste DAYS on this game on my puter and now there’s news that there’s going to be an iPhone version of Sim City!

Kotaku has spent some time with EA’s latest big project, namely SimCity, they had nothing but great things to say about it.

Here’s some snippets of the more important aspects of their testing:

Whatever you do, though, don’t go thinking this is SimCity Lite. This mobile version is fully featured, with pre-built cities, accountant recommendations, water pipes, natural disasters, etc. The works.

[Pinching] in as close as you can on the 2D sprites reveals intricate details, such as smoke emitting from towers, or shading alongside the buildings. Overall, a really nice graphical presentation that compares similarly to SimCity 3000.

If you would like to read all of their opinions click the link below – All it leaves me to say is that SimCity will be released before this year is over.

I apologise now for not answering your calls after then!