Sim2 Solar Series Dolby Vision TV

sim2-solar-series-tvThe Sim2 Solar Series 47″ TV has gone official!

What makes this newsworthy?

Well, it has mega contrast Dolby Vision technology.

Hang on….Dolby Vision?

Dolby does sound doesn’t it?

Well, they still do all that sound stuff but Dolby Vision uses multiple LEDs behind the screen and adjusts them locally with the LCD panel in front to create crazily dynamic contrast ratios for your viewing pleasure 🙂

The Sim2 Solar Series looks pretty good in its Stormtrooper colour-scheme – I’m guessing with Dolby’s input the speakers should be pretty good as well.

Judging by Sim2‘s other wares I’d hazard a guess that this isn’t going to be wallet/purse friendly.