Sidewinder X5 and X6 Mouse and Keyboard from Microsoft

There’s been word for a while that the big M would be launching a SideWinder-branded keyboard by Autumn this year and the Redmond-based folks are keeping the hype alive with an all new September-bound board and mouse 1-2.

The SideWinder X6 is hailed as the “first gaming keyboard created by Microsoft from the ground up, and the only gaming keyboard on the market with a switchable key pad.”

 When not being used for hardcore gaming the key pad transforms into a fully programmable macro pad.

It’s also packing two-colour adjustable backlighting, mode switching and a $79.95 price tag.

The X5 mouse has no less than nine buttons (five of which are customisable), a 2,000DPI laser tracking engine, six DPI settings (totally adjustable on the fly) and a $59.95 asking price.