Sidekick Sidelined

Reports state that the Sidekick Slide, listed as “temporarily unavailable” on T-Mobile’s official site has been switching itself off.

T-Mobile has made this statement “T-Mobile USA suspended sales of the T-Mobile Sidekick Slide on Friday evening, Nov. 16, after Motorola – the manufacturer of the device – confirmed that some devices may inadvertently power off when the slide door on the front side of the phone is opened or closed”.

“T-Mobile has taken this action to help ensure our customers only receive devices we’re confident will perform at their peak, so they can stay effortlessly connected to those who matter most”.

“Motorola is currently working to identify the root cause of the power cycle issue in affected Sidekick Slide devices. The T-Mobile Sidekick and Sidekick are not affected by this issue”.

Customers affected are urged to return their handsets to stores where they will receive an upgrade to the LX model.  As yet I have been unable to find out if the UK handsets are suffering the same problems as their stateside cousins; and, if so, whether the same rules apply.