ShowCenter for Center Stage

ShowCenter 250HDPinnacle, who have the wonderful rebranded Roku Soundbridge in their stable of lovelies which I have much love for, have now revealed the latest model in their ShowCenter range of media streamers. The ShowCenter 250HD will sling videos, tunes and pics from your PC or Mac right into your AV system.

Nothing new there then?  Remember this is the time of HD and the ShowCenter knows this so it can do all of the above with your puter captive Hi-Def movies.  All you have to do is connect it up to an HDTV via component video and Bob’s your Uncle and Fanny’s your Aunt!  Wi-Fi and Ethernet are both supported (of course), as is a huge range of file types as you’d expect.  The best thing is that it doesn’t require software and half-a-day’s set up messing with IPs and MAC addresses as it is totally plug ‘n’ play :0)

I’m afraid that you wont be able to ask Santa for one as it’s due for release early in 2008 – so save your crimbo cash and get one whilst your other half is rooting through the sales!  I reckon it will be £130 well spent.

Pinnacle Systems