Shootcase is the smartcase for your smartphone – get one for FREE here

shootcasesOK – you can only imagine the amount of smartphone cases I get contacted about. Some of them are great and others are… well, just cases. Recently a cool product has come to my attention which is not only great looking but kind to the planet. Let me introduce you to Shootcase.

Shootcase is a new smartphone case made from laser cut bamboo that can be easily customised to the owner’s taste and requirements.

You spend a lot of time choosing your new, cutting-edge mobile phone that has been designed by the best tech artists and then, chances are, go and grab the default case to wrap it up in. Why not protect your smartphone in something that’s not only practical but also beautifully environmentally friendly?

Shootcases are made from ecofriendly, natural bamboo and can be customised with graphics and text.

Practically anything can be etched or cut from the bamboo cover, resulting in surprisingly detailed graphics with gradations of wood tones. Businesses or individuals can customise cases with logos to make memorable and unique gifts.

Shootcase currently produces phone cases for iPhone models 4, 4s, 5, 5s and 5c. However, they say that they can also create a phone case for other phones by request, and so I have done just that for my HTC One. Expect a review once it arrives ๐Ÿ˜‰
shootcase long
Whilst chatting with Shootcase’s Ben Eadie (fans of ‘Canadaโ€™s Greatest Know It All’ might recognise his name – as well as the fact that he holds four world records for human powered vehicles) he has told me that iPad and other tablet cases are also under development.

I like the way the cases fold over an makes your chunk of tech look like a naturally covered pocket book ๐Ÿ™‚

They are indeed a smartcase for your smartphone.

Shootcase giveaway

There’s currently a campaign to get these Shootcases out in the wild running on Indiegogo –

Go go there and help Ben and the team as well as getting a cool case too.

If you share the Shootcases Indiegogo campaign using the links on the project page amongst your social networks Ben has promised that one lucky sharer will get a case for their iPhone absolutely free!

Get sharing, support the campaign and help make this happen. Check out the video below and see just how cool these cases are.

[youtube id=”7raV4ip0e9A”]

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