ShiftWear e-paper sneakers with smartphone uploadable animated designs

ShiftWear limited editionI have a few friends who have a range of trainers, or kicks as they like to call them, so that they are able to mix and match to what they’re wearing. How cool would it be if you could change the look of your footwear simply by adjusting a smartphone app? Well, David Coelho has created a new style of footwear called ShiftWear that does precisely that.

Coelho’s ShiftWear sneakers employ wearable e-paper tech which allows them to be customised using a smartphone companion application.

Using the ShiftWear app you are able to upload different images to the sides of the sneakers and thus proudly display how you’re feeling or simply to suit your style and fashion.

What I really dig is that these images don’t have to be static. Feel free to upload animated images in order to provide an awesome and very unique finish to your footwear.

ShiftWear e-paper sneakersCoelho describes his creation as the most adaptable shoes you will ever own and goes on to say:

How much do you spend each month to keep your sneakers looking fresh? With every new outfit, every color scheme, every change of venue, you’re back at the sneaker store to touch up your look with those perfect kicks. Chalk it up to the cost of looking good, as you put more money into the pockets of sneaker manufacturers who get to dictate what you wear next.

ShiftWear Classic’s are the badass sneakers that let you display custom designs, right from your phone or tablet in seconds. We know that shoes have to hold up to the elements. ShiftWear sneakers are waterproof, so you can machine-wash them. Their soles are coated with Kevlar Fibers, to resist the normal wear and tear of traditional sneakers. The flexible electronics in the shoes charge with every step you take – or wirelessly.”

The ShiftWear e-paper sneakers are now available to back via the Indiegogo crowdfunding website with pledges starting from $150 with international shipping available.

Check out the video below:
[youtube id=”O5XhzmjUVnk”]