Shelving floor lamp review

Shelving Floor Lamp


Build quality




Ease of build


Quality of finish





  • Inexpensive
  • Looks good
  • Adds extra display area
  • Useful lamp
  • Easy to build


  • Not designed for heavy objects
  • Paint finish a little thin in areas

value lights wooden shelves floor lamp whiteSometimes you have to make a decision. Do you buy a floor-standing lamp or some shelving. Why not do both?

There is a thin area next to my bookcase that is just large enough to either house a statement floor light or a skinny shelving unit. Perhaps just a box.

My requirement is really to have somewhere to sit the landline phone as it is generally left to balance on the edge of one of the shelves on the bookcase.

After looking through what Value Lights had to offer I think I’ve found the perfect solution.

Shelving floor lamp design

As the name has probably already given away, this unit consists of 3 open shelves which is topped off by a fabric-shaded lamp.

The wooden shelving floor lamp is available in three different finishes and I opted for the white one.

To me the unit has an Ikea/Bauhaus/Oriental look to it. This is probably down to its simplicity and clean lines.

Shelving floor lamp construction

As with most furniture these days, the lamp arrived as a flat-pack kit.

You get everything you need, except the tools to put it together.

value lights wooden shelves floor lampThe instructions are pretty basic. Just a series of pictures, really. If you are a seasoned flat-pack DIY-er you will know to lay things out first before getting stuck in.

This helped me as the lamp section uprights are of a different length to the other sections. This saved me from screwing differently sized posts in to a section.

value lights wooden shelves floor lamp sectionOther than that, all is pretty straightforward. Once you’ve built the frame it’s just a matter of adding a lightbulb and the polycotton shade.

Shelving floor lamp review conclusion

The quality of the paint finish is fairly good. There were a couple of areas where it is quite thin though.

light shelves sideOverall though the lamp unit looks pretty good to me. It has also given me somewhere to sit my landline phone instead of it balancing on the bookshelf.

Shelving floor lamp price and availability

You can buy the unit in black, white or oak coloured finishes now from Value Lights for £39.99.