Sharp’s Sexy 3D Blu-ray Player BD-HP90S

This little beauty has caught my eye mainly because it looks so good.

There’s going to be plenty-many 3D Blu-ray players so they’re going to have to do something to stand out from the crowd.

Sharp’s BD-HP90S ticks the boxes for looks – it’s shiny, thin and doesn’t just rely on its sexiness.

The Sharp BD-HP90S will gladly sling out 3D and 2D Blu-ray pics all day long and hooks up to BD-Live content via its in-built wi-fi.

Looking to dish out media from other devices? That’s where the front USB socket comes in – no need to go scrabbling round the back.

The lovely LED indicators to tell you if it’s playing in 3D or the enhanced Aquos “Pure Mode”.

The Sharp BD-HP90S will cost you £379.99 and goes on sale in November – just in time for Santa 😉

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