Sharp Releasing 3D Mobile Phone by Christmas 2010

Sharp’s march into 3D hasn’t slowed down any and it’s just confirmed that a 3D phone is on the cards and should be on shelves across the planet by the end of 2010 – in time for Christmas lists?

As you may remember – Sharp supplied the glasses-free 3D screens to Nintendo for the 3DS.

Unfortunately Sharp also provided panels for the extremely short-lived Microsoft Kin so they have something to prove.

According to a Sharp spokeswoman, the 3D phone will also be boasting a 3D camera round back.  I’m hoping that it will snap 3D photo’s and video 😉

This is all very exciting but what I need to know is what operating system will this 3D wonder be running?

Let me know what you think – will it be Android, WinMo or something more special?

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