Sharp Mebius PC-NJ0A – The Netbook With Multi-Purpose Trackpad LCD Screen [video action]

sharps-mebius-pc-nj70aYou may or may not be aware of Sharp’s lovely looking new netbook, the Mebius PC-NJ70A.

What makes this netbook stand out from the crowd is the 854 x 480 resolution LCD that Sharp has decided to sling in where the track pad should be.

The screen automatically adjusts brightness based on surrounding light and work as a secondary display for things like adjusting an equalizer with your grubby mits.

Those lovelies over at Akihabara News have generously shared a video whilst they were at the unveiling of Sharp’s Mebius netbook.

Check the vid below 🙂

Granted the icons and apps shown aren’t as funky as you’d expect but I’m digging the way things seem to be moving – having a dual-purpose trackpad and secondary display / widget panel.

Unfortunately the rest of the netbook is a tad generic: 10.1 inch display (1,024 x 600), 1.6GHz Atom N270 processor, 1GB of RAM, a 160GB HDD, three USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and a multicard reader.

No fixed pricing as yet but ¥80,000 (£555) seems to be the area.