Sharp Aquos Shot 933SH – 10mp Camera-Phone-Camera

sharp-933shNow the lines are truely blurred!

This camera-phone / phone-camera comes from Sharp and will land on SoftBank Mobile in Japan this summer.

This is the AQUOS SHOT 933SH and it rocks those massive optics combined with a 10 megapixel low-noise CCD sensor.

You also get a rotating touchscreen display so all you have to do is flip it around, snap it facing outwards, and voilà, your old compact cowers in the corner.

Other bits include a 3.3-inch WVGA display which is handy for viewing one-seg tv and global roaming capability – yup, that means that we might get it over here………. or at least someone might sell them on eBay after it’s May launch.

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