Shark Vacs Pack Anti Hair Wrap Tech

Shark Vacs Now Untangle Picked Up Hair.

Long-haired people rejoice as Shark’s new Anti Hair Wrap Technology is here to leave your vac’s brush tangle-free.

UK best-selling vac brand, Shark, is set to revolutionise the vacuum cleaner market with its new Anti Hair Wrap Technology.

Shark Anti Hair Wrap Vac

Shark’s new range of vacuum cleaners brings the convenience of the brand’s Lift-Away and DuoClean tech along with a new development – all to make cleaning easier.

What is Anti Hair Wrap Technology?

Do you or your housemates have long hair? I grew my hair in the 80s and that the ‘style’ I’ve had ever since. When it comes to vacuuming my home, I can guarantee that I’ll have to spend time removing tangled hair from the vac’s brush-roll.

Shark Anti Hair Wrap Vac

Well, it sounds like those days could be over. Shark’s new Anti Hair Wrap Technology actively separates and removes hair from the bristle brush as you clean.

The new range of Shark Anti Hair Wrap technology works for long, short and pet hair.

How Does it Work?

Shark’s signature DuoClean floorhead features a unique combination of two brush-rolls. Firstly there’s a bristle brush-roll that cleans deep into the carpet pile. That works alongside a soft front brush-roll that actively draws in large debris as well as small particles.

Anti Hair Wrap Technology features a unique bristle-guard and comb. Those additions actively separate and removes hair from the bristle brush-roll, so you don’t have to.

Powered Lift-Away

We’ve covered Powered Lift-Away Technology before. However, for those unaware, this tech enables you to convert the upright vac into a cordless portable cleaner. This transformation is achieved by simply lifting the detachable pod away from the floorhead.

Shark Anti Hair Wrap Vac

This makes it easier to clean stairs, under furniture or even the car, in comfort. Additionally, as power is delivered directly to the vacuum head, two DuoClean brush-rolls continue rotating and drawing in dirt, rather than relying on suction alone.

Prices and availability

The Shark Anti Hair Wrap upright vacuum cleaner range is available now from Amazon from £299.