Shanling CD-T300 the Sci-Fi Hi-Fi!

UFO CDWhen I first saw this disc spinner I thought to myself, “what the flippin eck is that!!??!!” (or similar), and then when I saw that it costs $12,000 (around £6,000) I said something akin to “how much!!??!!”.

If its sci-fi looks still win you over and you have that six grand to spend on a CD player you’ll need to know that it’s made by Chinese company Shanling, who specialise in this kind of thing apparently.

For your hard-earned you get four amplification valves, two remote controls (two – surly not his ‘n’ hers!), gold-plated tube legs as well as it all being covered in lovely aluminium alloy.

Didn’t feel it neccessary to mention the multitude of lights.

If anyone wants to send me one you can get them from Shanling‘s site!