Sexier Than an iMac – The Philco PC is Bringing the ’50s Sexy Back!

Philco PCThe Philco PC is lovingly based on the fantastically futuristic and totally iconic Philco Predicta television set (check the gallery below) as well as some Steampunk influences.

The re-imagining of the 50’s style set into a contemporary computer includes some real nice touches.

Take the typewriteresque keyboard or the mouse which resembles something that would normally be found being waved around by Scotty.

This is just a concept at the moment but please someone – give Dave Schultze a call, give him some cash and some development time and help him build this machine.

Help us PC users have the last laugh at those trendy fashion-forward Mac users!

Check out the video – Yum!

Philco PC from Dave Schultze on Vimeo.

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