Sex Type Thing at Science Museum – Wellcome to the Thingdom

It’s time to put your love thing into action Gadgety friends!

Woaah!! Not that!!


I’m talking about the Science Museum’s Thingdom 🙂

Thingdom is a genetics class cloaked in a virtual pet thing and it’s aimed to teach kids mating and how their choices can alter characteristics of their offspring.

It’s all designed to tie in with the ‘Who am I?’ gallery in the museum’s Wellcome Wing.

After you’ve chosen and named your Thing you then care for it by feeding it, playing with it and stroking it and, when it’s old enough, (about 10 seconds) it’s ready to get it on with a cute little blob of the opposite sex (I assume).

Each Thing has a set of genes which govern its shape, size, colour and skin patterns – the idea is that players will learn about the random nature of inheritance.

Sproing (my Thing) was challenged to find a mate that would give us….. them a green kid. Essentially this task makes you keep in mind dominant or recessive genes.

As you can tell by the picture – Sproing failed to even attract a would-be mate as he was unable to impress her by bouncing around. Such is life 🙁

Once you’ve got the hang of it you’re able to save your progress tracing the ancestry of each Thing as you go.

How about announcing the arrival of your new born blue spikey blob to the world? Well, that’s where Facebook and Twitter support comes it 😉

It’s great fun and you might even learn a Thing or two!

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