Set Mylo to Com 2! Sony’s Pocket PC

Still no sign of the PSP Phone yet at CES but Sony has got the Mylo COM-2 on show.

On the face is a rather nice 3.5in touch-screen which flips up to reveal a QWERTY keyboard.  Throw in wi-fi, a 1.3mp camera, Skype, a backlit keyboard, 1GB of storage, email and instant messaging and you get a pretty yummy gadget stew. 

You can use the touch-screen to scroll up and down when browsing like the iPhone and there is also a little joystick (orange) just in case you don’t like smearing the screen.

Naturally it’ll play music and movies from memory cards and, in the States, it’ll connect to Wayport hotspots for free (the lucky buggers!). 

A UK release date is yet to be confirmed but it has been launched over the pond for a not too expensive $300 – so it’s generally a rule of thumb that it will cost not far from that but in Sterling.

Via T3