SendSocial Will Deliver Real Gifts to Facebook Friends and Twitter Buddies

Now, I’m not sure if this was a problem that required solving or not.

You see, SendSocial is an online service that will deliver stuff to people you know even if you don’t know their postal address.

Let’s say you want to send someone you follow on Twitter or a Facebook friend a present – just because you’re lovely. You haven’t got their physical address but you do have their Twitter ID, Facebook profile or email address.

Well, all you have to do is send their email, Twitter or Facebook details to SendSocial and they will then contact the person to ask if it’s ok for you to send them something and if they can have soon-to-be-recipient’s mail address.

All is well and good if they accept and provide the information – it will cost you £2.99 for SendSocial to do that and organise the delivery – they send you a label to stick on your parcel, collect it from you and pass it to the lucky person in question.

So a quick private tweet, message, email or SMS to ask the person for their address or £2.99 to do it all clandestine like.

Famous people – expect messages from SendSocial soon!

Hmmmmm….. that reminds me; if Dita von Teese wont give me her address I’ll have to use SendSocial then. Now, where can I get a Jay sized box from? 😉

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