Send MMS From Your iPhone – Flutter

Lack of MMS on the iPhone getting you down?

Feel left out as you can’t send the pic you’ve just taken of a celeb falling out of a taxi to all your mates?

Well, Flutter has just been released officially in the App Store and gives you this very power!

You still wont be able to receive MMS’s (you’ll still get the link thing) but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

What will it allow you to do then?

Send free, unlimited picture messages and geo-tagged location to any mobile phone in the world. Have the convenience of sending multi-media messages (MMS) to virtually any mobile phone number in your iPhone contact book.

  • Send picture messages from your iPhone.
  • Your message can (optionally) include a link to your location pinned on Google Maps.
  • Friends can view your pictures and location right on their mobiles.

I reckon I might give this a whirl.