Seiko FutureNow Brings E-Ink to a Digital Watch

Fans of E-Ink may be soon wearing it on their wrist if Seiko continues researching the field of E-Ink watches.

They’ve been musing the idea for the last five years at which point they introduced the first in a series of futuristic E-Ink wristwear.

FutureNow is the name of this seemingly uninspiring digital timepiece.

The active E-Ink matrix is a new development. This allows the watch to display a greater choice of graphics on its 80,000 pixels, each of which can display four shades of gray.

The video below gives you a sense of what the E-Ink can bring to the table when shoved in a wrist-watch. You can switch the design of your watch face as well as being able to produce some decent graphical elements.

Seiko claims that the FutureNow’s new display decreases power consumption – although they fail to mention how long the battery actually lasts.

Check out the vid but skip through to 3:18 unless you want to have a peek at Seiko’s other new and extremely shiny offerings 😉

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