Sega Megadrive Console Returns To Shops in a ‘Blaze’ of Glory


Remember the name?

It’s those folks that shoved a Sega Mega Drive into a handheld with 20 games built-in for £30.

Now the very same company is releasing a slim profile home console to plug into your TV in that old skool Megadrive stylee.

It will have 15 games built-in including Altered Beast, Golden Axe and Sonic & Knuckles as well as keeping a cartridge slot – so if you want to buy old Sega Mega Drive games off eBay, or have kept some in the back of your cupboard you can breathe life back into them.

The Blaze Sega Mega Drive is even multi-region – this means that you’ll be able to play a Japanese-only cult classic, you can geek out to your hearts content 🙂

The Blaze Sega Mega Drive console comes with two control pads and will be available starting  April 24th for £40 from HMV