Sega Mega Drive Classics on Your iPhone – Genesis Store Front

At the risk of appearing that I’m all about the retro (be it ladies undergarments or headphones) here’s a return to the halcyon days of gaming.

Sega Mega Drive – just the sound of the name transports me back to the days of ‘Road Rash’ and ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ and now (well, February) comes The Sega Genesis Ultimate Collection iPhone app. Hooorah!!!

For those Europeans that are unaware, the name comes from the US branding of the gaming great that was Mega Drive.

Ok, you can already get your fix of spinning blue hedgehogs but this new app will let you buy more games within the app itself and thus bundling them all up in a neat one-stop-shop for Sega gaming on the move.

The app is free and will come with Space Harrier II included.

The rest will cost you though: Sonic the Hedgehog ($6), Golden Axe ($5), Ecco the Dolphin ($3) and Shining Force ($3).

UK prices are yet to be announced.

Do you feel that those prices are a tad high or about right when you think of the endless gaming joy you will get on your iPhone or Touch?

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