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Huawei Mate X Folding Phone Features Falcons

Huawei unveiled its Mate X folding fone with the bragging rights of being the world’s fastest. The all-new multi-form factor phone features an innovative, flexible OLED foldable FullView display. The bendy skills are due to the brand’s unique falcon wing mechanical hinge, whereas as the speed boast is down to the 5G modem chipset Balong […]

Samsung folding phone revealed – all the facts

There was a time that Samsung only really had Apple to worry about. However, Huawei, Xiaomi, and in some respects OnePlus and Honor should be taken very seriously now. This situation is great for the likes of us, consumers, though. For a start, it has pushed Samsung to promise us something entirely new for its […]

Samsung Galaxy X folding phone nearly here

Samsung is getting ready to release the world’s first ever true foldable smartphone in its Galaxy X, and it looks set to arrive soon. We were expecting the Galaxy X to land in 2019 but then we heard it would drop by the end of the year. Turns out that we were right the first time. […]

Samsung folding phone could appear this year – Galaxy X

We were originally expecting a folding phone from Samsung this year. However, this was apparently pushed back to 2019. Now, it might be back on course for 2018 according to the company’s report. Samsung’s folding phone has been bounced around since 2012. It was looking highly likely that we were going to be treated to […]

Samsung folding phone launching next year

Back in 2012 Samsung first promised us a folding smartphone. According to the latest reports, we might get to see it before the end of this year. The Samsung Foldiplay first popped up in November 2013 and we like it. A lot. Then there was some updates in September 2015 which looked even cooler. Finally, […]

Samsung folding phone pinned for 2017

Now, here’s a test. Who here can remember the Samsung Foldiplay from 2013? Well, It’s folding smartphone rumour time again! Granted, this fold-up tech could well be the biggest mobile technology breakthrough since the invention of the touchscreen but we have already seen Samsung and LG come up with concepts only to be thwarted when […]