Sealander Amphibious Caravan – Lakeside or On Lake Camping?

You must have all had your fill of amphibious cars by now. But if you’re going on holiday surely you need somewhere to stay when you get there in your aquatic car? Yup – you need an amphibious caravan! You need the Sealander!

I have to admit to enjoy camping and I have been known to while away hours in the middle of a lake – not actually fishing.

So this intriguing machine called the Sealander actually stimulated my curiosity glands.

The idea is pretty straightforward – you have a caravan with a 156 x 200 cm sleeping area that can also be dragged onto a lake so that you can fish or picnic from it.

When out on the water you can be powered back to shore by the small outboard electric motor safe in the knowledge that the double sealed air chambers should stop the 2-birth trailer from capsizing.

As the Sealander is modular you can kit it out for whatever you’re planning to do.

The site says that it should be available next year and with a full interior, including cooking and cleaning modules, a fridge, heating and that electric outboard motor you’ll be looking at spending around 15,000 Euros.

A floating caravan? That has to be a Glastonbury must have!

Sealander – Schwimmcaravan – Grenzenlos mobil from SEALANDER – Der Schwimmcaravan on Vimeo.

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