SCOTTEVEST Carry-On Coat – Leave Your Bags at Home and Pack Your Pockets

Looming somewhere between Inspector Gadget’s mac and those worn by people selling watches on street corners lies this from SCOTTEVEST.

The Carry-On Coat (sounds something that Barbara Windsor and Sid James should appear in) is an unusual idea to get you through airport check-ins quickly – or perhaps facilitate some shop-lifting.

This bad-boy features no less than 33 pockets and has room for your mobile phone, iPad, water bottle (but that had better be empty or with an unbroken seal), digital camera, your glasses (go in a special chamois pocket) and even a couple of shirts and ties, spare belt and shoes – no, REALLY!

On top of all that; this jacket sports a ‘Personal Area Network’ as well as a USB/Bluetooth pocket.

Thankfully it also has the patented NOBULGE pocket design – does that even work with a pair of brogues in your pocket?

Can’t see any mention of price but if you’re likely to be on the run soon what matter is cost?

Perhaps this could be an ideal garment for festivals?  At least you’d be able to carry all your gear around with you and not have to leave anything in your tent πŸ˜‰

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