SBWLY aims to rid us of tangled USB cables

SBWLY coiledAfter my review of the fab SuperFly USB cable I have been inundated by tips of other sync and charging cables. The one which caught my eye is the SBWLY.

We all know the pain of bulky and/or broken charging cables but the brains behind SBWLY have designed a USB charging cable to overcome these issues.

The innovative SBWLY is a charging cable for your portable electronic device with true portability, durability, and is long enough to be used as an everyday charging cable. It easily fits into your pocket or purse whilst securely preventing knots and tangles thus dramatically reducing cable damage whilst on the move.

The team behind SBWLY are launching a Kicktstarter campaign later today (April 22nd 2015) and are calling on all gadgety guys and gals as well as all those members of the public who frequently get frustrated with broken cables to support it.

They are looking for £30,000 to fund the initial production costs and, as is usually the case with these campaigns, backers will be among the first people to get their hands on the revolutionary charger.

The cunning design takes in to account the natural curve and bend of electrical wire to prevent the usual wear and tear caused by wrapping up your leads. Essentially, you need to coil with the cable and not against it – which is exactly the way SBWLY has been designed.

SBWLY lengthA series of micro interconnecting fasteners help secure it in a neat coil – this prevents knots, kinks and tangles, and also reduces movement to the cable whilst being transported. A small receiver holds the lightning or Micro USB connector in place at the end of the coil, again, to prevent kinks and sharp bends. Kinks at the base of the connectors are a common cause for cable failures.

SBWLY coloursScott McCormack, Chief Engineer of SBWLY says:

Portable electrics are constantly evolving, and yet the charging process has remained somewhat the same. We’ve all experienced the frustration of a tangled or broken charging cable – and sometimes the panic when we realise we will have to go without our mobile phone or tablet. All charging cables start to fray at the base as they start to wear out. The cable might still work if you are lucky, but exposed internal wires are considered a safety hazard and unless you want to wrap it up with electrical tape, you’ll need to get a new cable. The design of the SBWLY protects the internal wires, prevents tangling and best of all is compact and easy to transport.”

Check out the video:

[youtube id=”Zdq83JSBhgY”]

SBWLY comes in both Android and Apple flavours as well as an array of colours. If this sounds like an awesome thing to you and you want to see it come in to the real world, support it on Kickstarter.

I definitely think having one in your suitcase and another living in your work bag could be a good start.