Saving money on technology as a student

student gadgetsStudent life isn’t all about working hard to achieve your degree and get started on the career ladder. It is also about learning to keep your finances in check. To find ways to cut costs and make your money last longer. But saving money isn’t easy, especially when it comes to technology.

Tablets, phones and other such gadgets cost money, but as a student, you also can’t do without these gadgets. MacBooks aren’t just for streaming the latest YouTube videos; they also help you write those essays on time!

Making the most of your studies will require some technology and below are some of the tips to help you obtain the best technology tools without spending your whole student budget at once. You might even learn a trick or two about using technology to save more!

Multipurpose Technology

First, it’s a good idea to invest your money to multipurpose technology – gadgets that’ll help you do more than one task. Even though these gadgets might initially cost a bit more money, in the long-term they will turn out cheaper.

For example, a duet blender and food processor is a great kitchen gadget for students. You can cook hundreds of meals in a matter a seconds with a proper food processor and cooking at home is always cheaper than eating out!

If you are a big music fan, then a multi-docking system – such as the iHome Dual Dock system – is a perfect option. You don’t need extra chargers, speakers or an alarm clock for your student room.

Don’t Shy Away from Second-Hand

While it’s a good idea to spend money on new gadgets that you know will be in heavy use, you shouldn’t ignore second-hand technology. There are many items you can get almost half the price if you opt for used products.

Online second-hand sites are great for finding a good deal. You should definitely check out websites such as Preloved and Gumtree.

second hand techBut before you venture off to spend your student budget on second hand products, you need to understand the drawbacks of buying used technology.

Buy from a trusted seller and check what sort of rights you have. If you can, always check the item before you pay! Above all, think about the financial benefits. Is the deal on offer a good one? If you’re only getting a 10-20% discount for an old gadget, you might be better off saving for the new one – unless the product is nearly brand new!

Search for Deals

As a student with a limited budget, searching for deals will become your second nature. You can’t – neither should you – just walk into a store and buy a new gadget!

Voucher codes are especially useful for saving money. A study found that people in the UK use almost 40% more voucher codes now than they did in 2009. While voucher codes are most often still used for eating out or shopping clothing, there are wide range of stores including Currys, EGlobal Central, PC World that offer discounts on various gadgets.

Find out more about the voucher code offers available before you shop for a new gadget. You could even sign up for different voucher code websites to guarantee you never miss a deal!

Put Your Gadgets to Work

But perhaps the best thing about technology is how it can help you save money as well. So, while you might need to fork out some cash to get the newest mobile phone, you can fill it with apps that help you stay on top of your budget and even earn some money on the go!