Save Windows XP!

SaveWindowsXPSave Windows XP.


This must be a great big kick in Microsoft’s teeth to find that there is actually an online petition to keep XP alive after the release of Vista a year ago!

What is funny is that 57,000 people have already signed up to save XP!

I have to hold my hand up and say that I’ve had no real problems with XP and will be ordering my new lappy with XP and NOT Vista installed as I need something quite stable as I’m going to be using it as a portable Pro Tools studio.

Where do I sign?  Click the link at the top of this article to learn more ;0,

Microsoft plans to end most sales of Windows XP on June 30, despite a deep reluctance by many business and individuals about moving to Vista. InfoWorld believes such an expensive, time-consuming shift with problematic benefits should not be forced on Windows users, so we have decided to rally XP users to demand that XP be kept available.

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