Satechi Reveals Ultimate Apple Multimedia Compact Remote Control

satechi apple ios bluetooth remoteIs yout iPhone or iPad feeling left out as you control your Mac or MacBook using the nifty aluminium remote? Satechi feels their pain and has created this rather cool remote which can be used across the whole Apple family.

The weather (at the moment) is ideal for lazy film watching and music listening but, where you’re able to control some of your Apple kit using the sleek fruity remote, it wont work on your iPad or iPhone.

This is because, annoyingly, Apple decided to use IR rather than Bluetooth.

But now Satechi has created a Bluetooth multimedia remote.

It’s not built out of aluminium and may not be a design classic but I still think it looks pretty good.

Besides, it has a few neat tricks!

The Satechi remote is equipped with a dedicated mute button, a camera shutter release, and a duplicate home button so you can even activate Siri from across the room (you may need to shout).

There’s also the extras hidden beneath the remote’s sliding panel. Slide that bad-boy out of the way and you’re greeted by a compact set of numeric buttons for selecting specific tracks or chapters. Tidy!

This remote, on a single battery, will run for at least six months.

All this for $40? That’s got to be totally worth it right?

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