Sanus Swiveling TV Base makes room for Sonos Playbase

sanus swiveling tv base front lifestyle closeSanus has announced the launch of their new Swiveling TV Base which has been designed to seamlessly integrate the new Sonos Playbase with a flat-panel television.

The new Swiveling TV Base increases viewing angles, improves TV stability and creates space for sound base or sound bar.

This new table-top TV base recreates the sleek look and feel of a mounted TV. It has also been designed to be compatible with the newly-announced Sonos home theater speaker, Playbase.

The Swiveling TV Base provides up to 8-inches (20.3 cm) of TV height adjustability creating space to fit a Sonos Playbase or Playbar beneath your telly.

Sonos Playbase

Designed for almost any TV that isn’t wall mounted, Playbase is a thin, yet powerful speaker that sits discreetly under the TV.

sanus swiveling tv base front lifestyleBen Osborne, senior director, international for Sanus says that

In partnership with Sonos, we developed a product that would seamlessly integrate the Sonos Playbase with the flat-panel TV, making the TV look like it’s hovering above the Playbase”

Sansu Swiveling TV Playbase

The Swiveling TV Base, which works on all surfaces, is a substantial improvement over the stands that traditionally come with TVs. It allows for 40 degrees of swivel left to right.

Through this the base improves viewing angles, allowing viewers to point the TV to where they are seated.

The modern matte finish of the product complements the look of today’s flat-panel TVs. The included cable management helps conceal unsightly power and HDMI cables.

sanus swiveling tv base rearThe Swiveling TV Base fits TVs 32- to 60-inches and can support up to 27 kg. It is also safe and stable base is perfect for furniture with a shallow depth or width.

The Sanus Swiveling TV Base features an easy and safe 20-minute, 3-step assembly that requires only a screwdriver.

All Sanus mounts, including the Swiveling TV Base, are safety tested, UL Certified and include a 10-year warranty.

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Senior international marketing and product Manager, Rick van Bommel states

When someone installs these two products together they see the TV hovering above the Playbase and the Swiveling TV Base essentially disappears to allow the TV and the speaker to be the heroes of the AV experience”


The Swiveling TV Playbase is available from today, March 7th 2017 at

It will land at further AV retailers in early April.