SanDisk iXpand – holiday essential iPhone backup

ixpandIf you intend to go trekking this summer, perhaps add the SanDisk iXpand V2 flash drive to your rucksack essentials.

Should you be heading off the beaten track in search of photogenic landscapes the worse thing would be for your phone to run out of storage space. Granted, you could upload snaps to the cloud but there are still parts of the planet without WiFi. Yeah, I know, right!?

SanDisk iXpand

ixpand driveThe diminutive iXpand is a thumbdrive that works with either a regular USB port on a computer, or a lighting port on an Apple mobile device.

Just connect it to your iDevice and, via the free app, you have just increased your storage capacity.

ixpand iphone memoryIt’s not just there to free memory though. You can actually view and playback content stored on the drive through your phone. Furthermore, the drive supports myriad video, audio and document types. Of course, the drive can also be used to back up your phone’s photos and contacts.

Price and availability

You can buy the SanDisk iXpand now from Amazon. Prices range from £26.99 for 16GB to £193 for 256GB.