SanDisk Dishing out the First Ever Xbox 360 USB Drives

You read right gadgety readers!

Ok, so the original date of April 6 came and went but SanDisk has just announced that it’s finally shipping the first ever licensed Xbox 360 USB flash drive.

So now you can transfer gamertags, game saves, map packs, Arcade downloads, etc. from one console to another all on a fully branded drive just so you don’t accidentally overwrite the contents with vid clips or summink.

The device is pre-configured for plug-and-play, and those lovelies over at SanDisk are also chucking in one months subscription to Xbox LIVE Gold for good measure.

How much does Microsoft branded memory cost then? Well, 8GB RRP’s at £29.99 and the 16 gigs will hit you for £51.99.

Expect other memory makers to get in on the honey pot which should also drive the price down – or just spray your current USB stick in Xbox colours 😉

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