Samsung’s flexible AMOLED captured on video as a watch and unfolding tablet

samsung flexible oled watchSamsung might not be working on a hoverboard or personal jetpacks but what they are developing is transparent and flexible AMOLED screens. To prove it, they’ve even released a video about their real-life uses.

Samsung has been showing off its flexible AMOLED screens at a few trade shows and they aer really impressive.

Now Sammy has unveiled a video with ideas for how the bendy screens will be used in wrap around smartwatches and tablets that roll out, scroll-like, from pens.

The plastic screen makes these nifty things totally flexible and practically indestructible.

Samsung reckons that their tech could be seen on everything from car windows to fridges.

So, this could actually happen – but Samsung can’t, or won’t, say when.

Let’s see what they bring to CES 2013.

Check below for a glimpse in to the flexi-screened future.

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