Samsung Unveil PenTile New Tablet Retina Display

If you’ve been looking for the same resolution on a tablet as you get on your smug iPhone 4 then Samsung’s latest bit of news should grab your attention.

Samsung have officially released details on a prototype display they have named PenTile – it has the power to bring a retina-style display to tablets, not just Sammy’s but perhaps it could end up on the iPad 3. For now though Samsung are happy to show it off with news of a high resolution display for their 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab.

The detail that we’re all interested in is that the PenTile display packs in a 2560 x1600 pixel resolution!

This has all been made possible because Samsung have squeezed in 300 pixels to every inch – this concentration means that most people will not be able to see those pixels with the naked eye.

The PenTile RGBW display is capable of a resolution that is a third higher than traditional RGB stripes even though it uses the same number of subpixels, Nouvoyance explained:

“This is done by adding a white subpixel to the RGB mix that is actually a clear area in the LCD with no colour filter material,”

It’s all very well and good playing sardines with pixels but what about battery drain? Well, it seems that Samsung have this covered as well as they claim that the power management has also been improved. Now we’re talking!

“Samsung’s PenTile is the only display technology that operates at 40 per cent less power, yet provides twice that of Full HD-viewing performance compared to legacy RGB stripe LCDs,” said Sungtae Shin, senior vice president of Samsung.

Could PenTile appear on iPad 3? You know you wanna 😉

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