Samsung TX100 Convertible Windows 7 Tablet Laptop

Oooo…. Samsung have joined in the sliding keyboard tablet jam along with Asus.

The Samsung TX100 is a 10.1-inch multi-touch Windows 7 laptop PC powered by an Intel Atom processor.

Memory comes in 32GB and 64GB SSD flavours as well as the required USB ports and HDMI output.

When the TX100 has the keyboard out it looks like a real laptop which would make the above specs a little, well, meh.

As a tablet with a claimed 9 hour battery life then things start to look a little rosier.  Using Windows 7 the device should be able to handle the expected web, Office and multimedia side of things as well as rocking that fashionable tablet form-factor.

Although the RRP converts to £450 I’m guessing you could easily sling on a couple hundred in Brit tax 🙁

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