Samsung Tocco S8300 Ultra – Skinny 8mp Phone Out a Week Early

samsung-ultraThings are starting to come thick and fast and I’m trying to avoid mobile phone overload!

However, Samsung simply couldn’t wait to  show off the S8300 Tocco Ultra.

They couldn’t wait the extra week for the WMC

Yes, it is an updated F480 Tocco but it’s more than a face-lift.

The S8300 Tocco Ultra comes with an 8 megapixel camera, GPS, HSDPA (up to 7.2Mbps for you data speed-counters).

As well as the touchscreen that has Samy’s new Touch-Wiz 1.5 software purring behind it sp that there’s improved haptics when the screen is prodded and makes things work quicker the S800 also has an old-school slidy-out keyboard.

Samsung has also taken it to the fat-farm and got it slimmed down to just 12.7mm thick.

Perhaps it manages to keep so slim as the Tocco Ultra is keeping off that calorific Wi-Fi.

It’s said to be available next month.