Samsung teases with Windows 8 tablet hybrid notebook [video]

samsung smartbook hybrid teaserSamsung has just released a teaser trailer for an upcoming Windows 8 gadget which could well be a tablet-hybrid in the same mould as the Asus Transformer and Archos 101 XS.

The new Samsung clip tells us that “Something Smart is coming” and, as you can see below, the video shows brief flashes of the new tech.

The video description proudly states that the device is Samsung’s “newest Windows 8-ready innovation”.

Even though the clip is headed as [Samsung Notebook] there are reasons for me to think that this might be more of a dockable tablet.

First is a glimpse of a very glossy bezel but then I suppose you could argue that it’s just a shiny bezel on a notebook.

But at the 21-second mark there’s is what looks like a built-in stylus or a very small docked mouse. Might this new Samsung be rocking the Galaxy Note‘s S Pen?

If you wanted to rebuff my theory then, of course, Windows 8 will work wonderfully with a touchscreen notebook and adding the S Pen would be the cherry on top.

My main reason for questioning the simple notebook heading is that, at around 15 seconds, There’s a loving close up of what appears to be a headphone port and other connectivity slots – which are on the top portion of the device. Could that be a memory card slot or even a SIM tray?

Now, most laptops, notebooks and the like, shove their ports in the lower keyboardy bit of the machine and have lovely thin screen portions. Why else would Sammy shove that kind of stuff in the top half unless you are able to use the screen portion independently of the keyboard section – like a tablet?

I’m hoping that these questions are answered at IFA in Berlin next week.

What do you think?

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